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Help: how to use Ambinter website ?

General site help

With Ambinter website, you can search, select and inquire molecules directly online.

Our home page allows you to search in our 20 millions compounds database by text (chemical name, reference, SMILES, CAS number, IUPAC name, InChi Key...) or by structural search by drawing a molecule.

When you validate the search form (by text or structure), corresponding compounds are displayed in the result page. From here, you can obtain more information about each molecule and add then to your inquiry cart.

When your selection is finished, click on the link at the top right of the page, to access to your cart. Check references and quantities and then fill contact information (automatically filled if you are logged in as a registered user). Then send us your inquiry, we will contact you in a couple of days with our offer.

Search for compounds

How to find chemicals by text search ?

Text search is the first way to search for compounds on Ambinter website. You can search by four distinct input types:

In the "Text search" field, you have to enter one input by line and you can mix different input types in a same search.

How to find chemicals by structure search ?

You can search compounds by drawing a structure in the sketcher in Home page. We use Ketcher from EPAM Life Science. Learn more about Ketcher.

The sketcher also allows you to copy and save a SDF using respectively "Open" and "Save as" icons on the top bar of Ketcher. Once your structure is drawn, you should select the structural search type:

If you search by substructure or by similarity, you could find a very large number of results (remember that Ambinter database contains more than 20 millions of references). The max displayed results will be 500 structures.

If both text and structural searches are filled in the form in the same time, only text search will be performed. Make sure that text search field is empty when you draw a structure.

Compound selection

Result pages and filters

Once the search is done, you access the result pages. At the top of the page, a menu allows you to order results and choose the number of results to display per page (20 by default).

Molecules are displayed in thumbnails and you can navigate from one page to another using the page selector.
You can discard a molecule if you are not interested in the structure using the cross at the top right of each thumbnail. On the thumbnails, you could find tags (New, Resynthesis, Natural compound, Building Block...). The "Resynthesis" tag means that the compound is not in stock but only available by resynthesis or custom synthesis. This implies longer delivery time and higher budget.

You can use filter panel at the left, to sort results (Ambinter references or molecular weight), check "Only available" if you are not interested in resynthesis option, choose a MW range, or select only specific tags (Natural compounds, Building Blocks, Bulk...).

How to add compounds to the inquiry cart

On each molecule thumbnail of the result page, there is a "Add to cart" button. If you want a quotation for an interesting compound, click on the button and a window will open. Enter the required quantity, choose quantity unit (mg, g, kg) and validate to add the reference to your inquiry cart.

Use the "Add all to cart" button (top and bottom left of the thumbnails) to add all references to the cart in one click, even if they are splitted in several pages.

When a reference is add to the cart, "Add to cart" button becomes a green and the choosen quantity appears instead.

Need more information about a compound ?

In the selection page, you can click on a molecule thumbnail to display more information about the compound (structure, SMILES, InChi, physico-chemical data) in a new page.

From the individual molecule page, you can download a SDF file structures of the chemical and also add the reference to the inquiry cart.

Use the button at the bottom of the page to get compounds with similar structures of the displayed molecule. Once the similarity search is performed (it may take a few seconds), you may display all similar compounds in a result page and then add interested ones on your inquiry cart.

How to export results ?

At the bottom right of the selection page, the Export button allows to get structure information in SDF or CSV format. Note that this exportation is limited to the first 500 references.

Please do not use this feature to extract large part of the database: our catalogue is freely available online in SDF format. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need other types of extraction from our database.

Send an inquiry

How to access your cart ?


To send an inquiry for selected compounds, you need first to access your cart. Please click on the orange button at the top right of the navigation bar. The button indicates the number of compounds currently in the cart.

How to send your inquiry ?

Once you have access the cart page, all selected compounds are displayed. You can check the list, remove a compound and ajust quantities if necessary. At the top of the page, two buttons allow to display or empty the whole cart. Do not hesitate to add a remark in the dedicated field if you have a special request.

To send your inquiry to Ambinter for an offer, you have to fill your contact details (name, company, address, phone and email), then click on "Send inquiry" button.

To avoid filling the form for each of your inquiry, we suggest to create an account on our website. If you have an account but are not logged, use the quick login form at the right of the contact form. Once you are logged in the website, contact form will be automaticatelly filled.

Create and manage your user account

Why create an online account on Ambinter website ?

When you are logged on Ambinter website, you do not need to fill all your contact details each time you send us an inquiry. You spare a lot of time! Furthermore, process is easier for us because you are recorded in our customer database.

Security and confidentiality is very important for us, we will not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to third parties your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.

How to create an account ?

To create an online account on Ambinter website, please click on the « Create a new account » button in the navigation bar at the top of the site.
You will access a form, choose a username and password (re-enter your password in the Verification field) fill it with your personal information (name, company, address, phone and email) and then click on the « Register » button. Congratulations, your account is created!

Be careful, after creation and before first connexion, you need to activate the account. Just after creation, an email is sent to the email you entered in the login form. This email contains a link. Please click on it to activate your account. Now, you can log in the Ambinter website.

How to login ?


Log in is very easy. Click on the login button on the top navigation bar. You will access the log in form. Please enter your login and password, submit and you will be connected. Your username should replace the login button on the navigation bar.

How to edit your profile ?

If you want to change your password or edit your profile information, you should login first. Then, click on your username on the top navigation bar and then on "Parameters". Your profile will be displayed. Click on the "Edit profile" button to access the edit form. Update information you want, re-enter your password to confirm your identity and click on "Update button" to validate.

If you want to change the password, click on the "Change password" button at the bottom of the edition form. A new form will ask you to enter your old password, and your new password twice. Submit the form to confirm.

How to reset your forgotten password ?

Your password is encoded in our database as soon as your create it. Consequentely, if you lose it, we would not be able to send it to you; instead, your password will be reset.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the login button on the top navigation bar, then click on the "Forgot your password" link. The reset form will ask you to enter your username or your email address you have used to create the account. Then an email is sent to you. It contains a reset link. Click on the link and you will access a new form to choose a new password. Enter it twice and validate, your password is changed and you are now logged in the Ambinter website.

How to logout ?


Once your are logged in, please click on your username, then on the "Logout" button to be disconnected. You will have to login again at your next visit.