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Greenpharma Libraries


Greenpharma - the company which holds the Ambinter brand - is specialized in natural products and proposes several libraries dedicated to biological screenings. They are formatted in 96-deep well microplates.

Greenpharma also provide customised extract and chemical libraries according to your particular needs. Click on libraries below to get more details and do not hesitate to contact Greenpharma team to ask for more informations or pricing details.


Greenpharma Natural Compound Library

GPNCL gathers a unique set of pure natural compounds with a high chemical diversity. Starting with a database of 150,000 natural compounds, we selected a diverse subset yet representative of the whole database diversity. Thus GPNCL maximises the probability to find hits in most assays.

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Greenpharma Extract Library

GPEL was designed by "biodiversity": diversity of biotopes and taxonomy. Living organisms such as plants have evolved to adapt to their environment and different species have developed their own strategies for that, so to produce particular secondary metabolites. Selection by "biodiversity" therefore are likely to provide diverse chemotypes.

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Greenpharma Human Endogeneous Ligand Library

GPLL contains human metabolites covering a large number of biological pathways. It is useful for chemogenomics, deorpanisation of receptors and "biological pathway hopping". The ligands are small molecules and were selected by structural diversity.

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Greenpharma Bio/Chemo-focused Library

Greenpharma designs customised libraries adapted to a particular customer's need in terms of potential biological activities eg biofocused libraries (PPI, kinase, GPCR...), using chemoinformatics, virtual screening or in terms of chemical families eg chemofocused libraries (fragment based, building blocks...) based on similarity, substructures or phytochemical families.

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