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Ordering information


The best way to order from Ambinter is to use our database with our Cart system. Once we received your inquiry, we will confirm it process. Then, we confirm availability and send you a quotation. This may take about 2 days depending upon the number of compounds you requested.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum order size:

Ambinter has a minimum order amount of 200 Euros or 220 USD. In case of an order below this amount, small order fees will be added to reach this level. The shipping and handling fees are included in the initial quote which is valid for 30 days. If you have a list of compounds, the quote is only valid if the entire list is ordered, unless otherwise mentioned. Changing the list requires an additional quote.


Invoice will be attached with the delivered compounds.

Payment Options

You can pay Ambinter by bank wire, credit card (Paypal with 5% banking fees) or check. We accept EUROS (€) and USD ($), payments should be made in the same currency as in quotation and invoice.

Quality Assurance

Analytical data can be delivered upon request and before ordering so that we can check what data is available (NMR and/or LC/MS spectra might be supplied). If you require a specific level of purity or other specifications, please include this in your initial request and mention it on your purchase order.


All the compounds are supplied in our standard vials but plates can be supplied upon request (with additional fees). We can also use your own vial or plate. In both case, shipping and handling charges will be added.

Terms updated June 2015