Experience the divine flavor of almost infinite drug-like compounds with the new Chemical Space AMBrosia

Ambinter is excited to announce our collaboration with BioSolveIT, an editor of premiere drug discovery software, easy to use and with a solid scientific ground. Together, we built AMBrosia, an ultra large Chemical Space gathering virtual yet accessible molecules with original structures. It based on our unique in-house building blocks and chemical reactions, leading to a stunning amount of 110,496,278,572 with favorable physicochemical properties for early-stages of drug discovery. All AMBrosia entriescan be ordered directly from Ambinter to be synthesized and delivered straight to you or you can order the building blocks and to perform the synthesis in-house.


The first iteration of AMBrosia is based on 53.694 in-house building blocks and 32 cherry picked chemical reactions to ensure high success rates and quick synthesis of requested compounds. As a make-on-demand Chemical Space, AMBrosia offers you tangible and relevant molecules that will be synthesized upon request at a reasonable pricing.

Examples of results retrieved from the AMBrosia Chemical Space using the kinase inhibitor cabozatninib as query (courtesy of BioSolveIT).

A major feature of AMBrosia content is the diversity of recurring motifs as well as the presence of unique scaffolds. The content is therefore of high relevance to a variety of drug discovery challenges and project goals including kinase inhibition, covalent ligands, bioisosters and many more. The sheer volume allows to cherry pick the best candidates from almost infinite possibilities for a follow up.

Search examples of a molecule containing a covalent warhead (courtesy of BioSolveIT).

The combinatorial nature of AMBrosia will lead to a plethora of salient compounds that open the doors to an unmatched level of Chemical Space exploration around a compound of interest.

You can download AMBrosia following this link.

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