GREENPHARMA (hereafter the "Supplier") is a contract research organization (CRO) specialized in the research, development and supply of active ingredients of natural origin. The products and services are mainly intended for the cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical and chemical industries. AMBINTER is a brand of GREENPHARMA, all these general conditions of sale apply to AMBINTER products and services

Our services cover:

  • broker in chemical compounds
  • the supply of customized compound libraries (targeted or diverse)
  • on demand synthesis,
  • medicinal chemistry,
  • molecular modelling,
  • analytical chemistry,
  • the supply of innovative natural ingredients,
  • supply extract libraries for research,
  • the development of extraction and purification processes for natural products,
  • R&D project management,
  • bibliographic search - monography
  • Our products are only for R&D applications and not for medications, household and others.

Article 1: object

These GTC governing the sale of products and the provision of services by GREENPHARMA. They also define the conditions under which the Supplier performs the services defined in the attached quote (hereinafter, the "Service"). The signature of the attached quotation implies full acceptance of the present general conditions.


The performance of the Service requires the Buyer to provide the documents and information referred to in the quotation and all data necessary for its performance. Buyer agrees to inform Supplier immediately in the event of any modification or change in the data transmitted necessary for the proper performance of its duties by Supplier. No Service shall commence unless Buyer delivers the documents. This agreement shall enter into force on the date of signature of the quotation and shall remain in force for the duration necessary for the performance of the Services.


All orders must be placed in writing (mail, email or fax) and signed by the sender. We recommend that you use the codes or names in our offers or price lists. Orders may be modified or amended only by written agreement, countersigned by Buyer and Supplier, setting forth the specific changes to be provided, and the potential impact of such changes on prices and delivery times. Buyer shall not cancel orders under any circumstances unless cancellation is agreed in writing by Supplier. In such event, Supplier shall notify Buyer of the full cost of such cancellation and Buyer agrees to pay such cost, including, but not limited to, storage and shipping costs, the cost of producing non-recoverable materials, cancellation fees charged to Supplier by its suppliers, and any other costs and fees resulting from Buyer's cancellation of the order, subject to Supplier's approval. Certification of such costs by the Service's independent public accountants shall be made once for both contracting parties. No cancellation is possible once production has begun.

GREENPHARMA reserves the right to choose the mode of shipment, unless it has been previously determined.

Our delivery time is indicative, any delays in delivery can not give rise to any compensation, both direct and indirect (operating loss ...) nor justify the termination of the order. We reserve the right to make partial deliveries. Moreover our company will be exonerated from any responsibility if an event external to our company and unforeseeable prevented or delayed the delivery of our products, such an event being regarded as contracted a case of force majeure within the meaning of article 1148 of the Civil Code. If an error of delivery were to occur following an inaccuracy of the customer, we decline any responsibility and the expenses of return for nonconformity will be of the responsibility of the customer.

goods reception
If the Buyer notes damage or omissions upon receipt of the goods, it must attach precise and complete reservations on the transport document and reiterate its reasons for contesting the goods in the forms and time limits provided for in Article L.133-3 of the new Commercial Code (three days, excluding public holidays, after the date of receipt). In the absence of compliance with these requirements, the goods shall be deemed accepted by the Buyer. GREENPHARMA reserves the ownership of the delivered goods until full payment of all sums allegedly due to Buyer as a result of the delivery of such goods in accordance with Law 80.335 of May 12, 1980. The simple signature by the Buyer of the purchase order or the delivery of the goods note constitutes an acceptance by right of this clause reserving the property.

"Any compliant against the quality of our products should be filled no later than one month after the reception of the products with detailed justifications. GREENPHARMA is committed to replace or reimburse the products (at exclusion of any other damages and provided the products were correctly stored) after validation of the non compliance of the products. After this period of one month, no goods will be reimbursed nor replaced."


Prices are given in Euros (€) or in USD($). VAT is charged, if applicable, at the applicable rate. Minimal order is 200 € or 220$. Prices are given on CPT or DAP basis according to the country ( Incoterms 2020). Transportation and handling charges are included in our offer. Local taxes/fees and local customs fees are not included and are for Buyer's account.

Delivery charges
The shipping costs are calculated according to the geographical area, the size / weight of your package and specific packaging conditions (packaging, storage ...) and will appear in the quote and the order. These shipping costs are charged to the buyer as well as any taxes, fees, charges or other charges payable under French regulations or those of an importing or transit country.

Terms of payment
"Payment at 30 days date of invoice. Special conditions: For order >= 3000 EUR or 3500 $ , payment is due 50% in advance, 50% within 30 days after delivery. For new customers, 100% advance payment would be required. Payment by credit card (Paypal), bankwiring or check (for France and USA only) are accepted. Please add 5% as banking fees for payment by credit card. GREENPHARMA reserves the right to ask for a deposit, the amount of which will be specified on the quotation when the order is placed. In this case, the work will only start after receipt of the deposit."

Delay in payment
Any payment made after the deadline set out in these terms and conditions shall automatically, without prior notice, incur interest equal to three times the legal interest rate for the current year. The interest shall run from the date of payment on the invoice until full payment. In addition, the Supplier may suspend the performance of its Services, the Purchaser shall remain liable for payment of the Services that were the subject of previous invoices.

According to French commercial laws, in case of late payment a fixed indemnity for collection costs is set at 40 euros and will automatically be due to the creditor. If these costs are higher, the creditor will provide proof of this additional expense. The above provisions are effective as of January 1, 2013 and will also apply to subsequent invoices/deliveries under current contracts.

Article 5: PRIVACY

The Parties agree, on their behalf, on behalf of their employees and agents and on behalf of any person having access to their space, to keep confidential the information defined below. All information, technical or non-sensitive data, such as formulas, ideas, concepts, know-how, illustrations, models, graphics, marketing, financial or commercial data and information, provided by either party to the other in the course of the performance of this agreement shall be considered confidential but not exhaustive. Termination of the Agreement for any reason shall not terminate the obligation of confidentiality under this section.

GREENPHARMA undertakes not to disclose to third parties any personal information submitted to it. This information is confidential and is only used by GREENPHARMA's internal departments to process orders and to personalize and improve communication and to offer products and services. In accordance with the law on data protection, every person has the right to access, rectify and oppose personal data concerning him/her.


Each Party shall retain ownership of any data, information, formulas, know-how or patents without a written agreement, countersigned by Buyer and Supplier, setting forth the specific terms of such transfer of intellectual property rights.

Article 7: service guarantee

GREENPHARMA guarantees to have at its disposal personnel with sufficient scientific and technical knowledge and holding the diplomas required by the legislation in force in order to carry out the Services described in the attached quote. In no case shall the responsibility of GRENNPHARMA be engaged.

In case of use of service products, abnormal conditions of use; In case of inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the Buyer; In case of failure by the Purchaser to comply with the recommendations made by GREENPHARMA. GREENPHARMA shall not be held liable if the performance of its obligations is delayed or prevented due to force majeure, an act of God or a cause beyond its control, such as natural disasters, war, earthquake, fire, explosion, epidemic, riot, intervention of government authorities, labor strikes, bad weather, water damage, malfunction or interruption of electricity or telecommunications.

Article 8: miscellaneous

All elements, brands, drawings, logos, graphics, etc., presented on GREENPHARMA products are the exclusive property of GREENPHARMA or its suppliers and are in no case subject to appropriation.

The invalidity of any clause or section of the Terms shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses and sections of these Terms.

Article 9: changes in conditions

GREENPHARMA reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time the present general conditions, the new GTS applying, if necessary, only to sales made after this modification.

The present general conditions of sale are subject to French laws. Any difficulty relating to the validity, the interpretation or the execution of this quotation will be the exclusive competence of the commercial court of Orleans.

a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 37000 euros €
N ° SIREN: 433 756 269 APE 7211Z TVA Fr 45 433 756 269 (Orléans 2002 B 369)
3 allée du Titane - 45100 Orléans - FRANCE
phone: +33 (0) 238259980 - fax: +33 (0) 238259965

conditions updated in December 2012